How A Drug Conviction Could Hurt Your Future

If you are facing an arrest for a drug crime such as possession, manufacturing or trafficking, there are many ways a conviction could impact your future. A criminal record will appear on any background check and could prevent you from career opportunities or the ability to secure a mortgage or loan. If you have children, a drug conviction could cause child custody issues, decreasing the amount of time you are allowed to spend with them.

State and federal courts base a sentence on minimum guidelines related to a charge, such as: the type of drug involved, the amount of the drug and criminal history. Without a strong criminal defense, you could spend years in prison.

Trial Attorneys Ready To Protect Your Rights

Our Omaha-based law firm, Forney Roth, has highly experienced lawyers who have helped many clients with drug possession charges related to illegal drugs: marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. We can defend you against charges of simple possession to charges related to the delivery or sale of drugs.

Many times these types of cases are won or lost at a suppression hearing. The lawyers at Forney Roth have experience in reviewing cases to see if the police followed all the procedural rules and did not violate the constitutional rights of our clients. We also have experience in taking drug cases to trial.

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