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Article on Federal Judge who oversaw Postville ICE Raids

New article out from Mother Jones yesterday regarding the Judge who presided over the Postville ICE Raids and subsequent federal prosecutions.  The Postville ICE Raids are still known among the Crimmigration bar as a low point in terms of due process for immigrants.

RAISE Act will lower immigration levels

President Trump announced today his support for the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act, a bill which intends to cut several categories of immigrants to the United States and with the purpose of lowering legal immigration to the United States by 50%.

New Website, New Blog

We decided to upgrade our website, and thus our blog.  Roth, the amateur web designer, was getting too busy actually practicing law to continually update the website and maintain it.  Also maybe a little too busy to blog, which is why the website has been live for over a month and this is the first post, which is really a test post to try out the new platform.  Please keep checking back for future posts.  I'm going to go back to blogging about criminal law, immigration law, and the practice of law in general.  Immigration law in particular has seen a few recent and interesting caselaw changes.  I hope you enjoy the new blog.

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